We're convinced that a say and do mentality shouldn't only cover the fields of business. Professional organizations should also be committed to walk the talk when it comes to social responsibility.

Okay, a little bit of greenwashing is common - isn't it? Would you take a business partner seriously who is socially responsible? Neither would we. The members of the BPA executive board have a long history of working at non-profit institutions. They have actively taken part in the J.O.G. initiative - the "Youth Without Borders" as well as the "Take up Courage" campaign in Berlin as students.

We think that everyone should be responsible, and we're not blaming anyone who's comfortable with donating 50€ a year in benefit of global welfare. It doesn't matter if you're doing so as a professional institution or privately - just do something. You've got it in you to make this planet a better place. Really!

The following is a list of organizations that we're supporting and respecting for what they have done so far.

The Clinton Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by former President of the United States Bill Clinton. Its mission is to strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. The Foundation focuses on four critical areas: health security, economic empowerment, leadership development; citizen service and racial, ethnic and religious reconciliation. The Foundation works principally through partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments, often serving as an incubator for new policies and programs. In April 2011 we decided to join the MyCommitment programme in order to combat cultural and religious prejudices and foster mutual communication and interaction.




The Visions4Children Incorporated Society is a German non-profit organization based in Hamburg, Germany. The organization, which was co-founded by members of the BPA executive board, supports and manages social aid projects in less-developed countries and crisis areas. The work includes successful projects like the setup of Kalay Fatullah school in Kabul, Afghanistan and the management of school buses in Togo, Western Africa. Guys, you're simply doing a great job - keep doing it!



At this point, we would like to give some shout outs and a thousand THANK YOUs to all of the great supporters of the BPA. You're just fantastic and we wouldn't have made it this far without your great support and effort. You're real champs!

Thanks to:

Shamseh Ahmed, Sanjeet Raj Pandey, Tom Becker, Surja Bose, Moussa Chahrour, Bithika Chatterjee, Sven Heitmann, Walter Cruz, Asit Dutta, Shalmoli Kundu, Timo Telscher, Imani Gooden, Deborah Hicks, Art Page, Benora Ashrafi-Larijani, Jennifer Kasten, Mortaza Nawrozzadeh, Naim Akbarzadeh, Gerald Maly, Mehtap Yüksel, Erkan Terzouglou, Hans-G. Schrammke, Shah Malikzada, Birgül Tokan, Helga Krüger, Bernhard Müller, Lisa Spajic, Heike Tanneberger, Carola Berger, Sierd van der Bij, Daliah Vakili, Mikel Revuelta, Albane Brezillon, Fokke Evelens, Lukasz Chmielewski, Willie Szollmann, Ingo Jembarski, Jens Hübner, Jana Naumann, Karin Spletzer, Armin Aramesh, Timbara Al-Mayah, Arne Großkopf, Nakissa Kia-Laschaki, Nicola Niebojewski, Funda Dogangüzel, Dajana Schmelter, Jürgen Schöning, Marion Lacroix und alle anderen Unterstützer, Freunde, Partner und Kollegen, die uns in den letzten Jahren so fantastisch unterstützt haben!

We love people and we love serving people. See our client's voices below and convince yourself. Please feel free to contact us regarding further information and project references or see some example case studies here.