We're serving the world's leading brands so we're looking for the world's greatest people to support
us. If you're interested in joining our team then just send us your CV and your dream position to .

Okay, that's great so far. But we're also working at building an outstanding team for the future. In this respect we've set up a cooperation with two of Berlin's best colleges to help students in gaining experience through an integrated degree program at BPA.
The dual course can be applied for at the University of Applied Sciences and the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Since 2010 we're offering talented students from all over the world to join the BPA as a student in the field of business administration. The course lasts 7 semesters (3.5 years) and distinguishes between a theoretical period at the university and a practical training period at the BPA for 10 weeks each.



That's you

If you're a young and talented person, willing and able to work in a dynamic team, you're always on time and your special field is also blah-blah? Great. Then you're ready to start a career at the German National Railway Company.

We're looking for personalities.

If you are...

...willing and able to make a change in both,the personal and professional way;
...convinced to be able to reach for the stars if you stay motivated;
...a passionate communicator and as smart as a diplomat could be;
...talented in managing your workflow in a professional way;
...fluent in English and ideally German. We're always open for other native speakers, though;
...aware of that there's something called emotional intelligence;
...funny and passionate for life;
...tolerant and open-minded;
...gentleman or lady enough to get boring things done as well;
...a rough diamond that wants to be polished;
...passionate about making great coffee.

Is that you? 
Exciting. We're looking forward to receiving your CV at Cheers!

Visit the official website of the University of Applied Sciences here and the official website of the School of Economics and Law here